What is a VPN?

VPN is a short form for „Virtual Private Network“. A VPN is a software, with which help, independent from your location, you can securely access websites in your private network. Your connection to the internet is completely encrypted and because of this, transferred information and your access to websites can not be traced by others. Independent from the type of internet connection you are using or from your location - by using a VPN, you connection to the internet is completely encrypted and absolutely secure.

Why is it recommended to use a VPN?

As we have already mentioned, a VPN gives you the possibility to anonymously browse the internet which increases your security. With a VPN you have the option to choose a location worldwide from where you can then access a website. Nobody can read or trace, what exactly you are doing on the internet and which websites you are visiting, because of encryption of all data transferred from your computer to the website. You can i.e. simulate that you access a website from Germany or Spain even though you are located in a complete different country. This brings the benefit that you can bypass country specific website blocks and can still access such websites.

What is a website block?

Many countries impose censorship for the internet and websites and limit the accessibility of certain websites for the inhabitants of such countries. This can be done by blocking certain content on a website or by completely blocking a website, so that it can not be accessed anymore.

Is it legal to use a VPN?

Using a VPN is completely legal and is used by almost every company nowadays to securely surf on the internet.

What types of VPN are existing?

There are browsers with integrated VPN function as i.e. Opera, VPN browser plug-ins which you have to install manually and VPN clients. VPN clients can be separated into free VPN clients and fee-based VPN clients. Please note, that free VPN clients in most cases slow down your browsing speed, since they are used by many people.

Opera VPN Browser

Try the Opera browser – it now comes with built-in ad blocking, a battery saver function and a free VPN.

To enable the VPN in the Opera browser, click on the "Menu" button and select "Settings".
On this page go to the "Security" tab and check the box marked "Enable VPN".
Congratulations! Your Opera browser is now ready to use.Download

TOR Browser

The TOR Browser allows you to securely browse the internet and increases your privacy.

To install Tor browser click the "Download" button and select the appropriate operating system.
Enjoy safe and secure browsing! download

VPN Services

Touch VPN: Protect your data and be anonymous with Touch VPN.
ZenMate: This VPN service protects over 41 million users and provides fast and anonymous Internet access.
Secure VPN: Surf the web anonymously, unlock websites, use VoIP services, secure wi-fi hotspots, protect your data & privacy.
HideMy.name: Enjoy safe and unrestricted browsing on every device.
GoldenFrog: GoldenFrog optimizes you internet connections to increase performance and speed, enable privacy and provide access to a free and open Internet.

Should you have any further questions concerning the topic „VPN“ or need help to find the right VPN for you, do not hesitate to contact us via privacy@wirwetten.com.

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